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Cash for Junk Cars in the Atlanta Area

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Junk Toyota Camry in Atlanta

Cash for a Junk Toyota Camry in Atlanta

We buy junk cars in the Atlanta, GA metro area. We come to your location at a time that’s convenient for you and pay you cash in hand on the spot and tow your old car away for free. We would like to receive the title for every car that we buy. If you are in a situation where you feel like junking your car for quick cash is the best alternative than we can help. We can give you an estimate over the phone of how much we will give you for your car. We can set a time and date at your convenience to execute the cash transaction and removal of your unwanted vehicle. We come to you wherever you vehicle is located.


Trying to sell a junk car and need a new Georgia title?

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Car Title

She was just tired of wasting money fixing her car over and over again

Cash for 99 Lexus
We bought this car in Atlanta. It was in the back of a mechanic shop. This young lady had already spent $4,000 repairing the first problem. Now the engine is bad and she’s not going to sink more money into it. Its a 18 year old car and its just time for a new one. We came out and gave her cash in hand and towed her car away for free.

We gave this customer cash in hand

Cash in hand for a Junk Cars

Cash On the Spot

This young man said “I wanted to find a junk car company near me so I could get better service”. He had a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta that would constantly overheat after driving it for a few minutes. He had taken it to a mechanic shop to get it repaired. When he was hit with the $2,000 repair cost he decided to junk it for cash and get a new car.

Sell your Junk Car Today!

We pay cash for junk cars in the Atlanta area. We send a licensed and insured tow truck and driver out to your vehicles location and pay the agreed upon price. Cash guaranteed. We buy any car in any condition. It doesn’t matter the condition of your vehicle as long as it has all the components still attached like the engine and the transmission and all major parts. We buy wrecked cars. We buy cars that are completely dead. We buy cars that are good for parts. We buy cars that need a little work to get them going back on the road again. When you call us just let us know your vehicles year, make and model a brief or detailed description of your cars condition. You can tell us about any service records or any diagnoses done by a professional or not so professional mechanic. All this information will help us give you an accurate cash price for your junk vehicle. We cover the entire Atlanta metro area. We travel all along 285 and beyond. If your vehicle is at your house, your office parking lot, your mechanics shop, the tow yard, the corner gas station, Walmart’s parking lot or the side of the road, we come to you and towing is always free. Our schedule is your schedule. We know a car can break down at anytime so we have drivers on standby around the clock seven days per week to get you the cash you need for your junk car. We can schedule a pickup a week in advance or we can show up within the hour. Most customers tell us “I’m definitely happy I found a junk car buyer near me”, because the customer gets better service.

Get cash today for your old car

get cash for your junk car in atlanta
This young lady had a 2004 Dodge Stratus. The engine was completely seized up in this car. She was planning on getting it fixed on her next check but she felt like it would be a waste of money. So she saved up a few checks and got a new car. After letting It sit in front of her families house on the side of the street for a few weeks she finally got tired of looking at it and decided to call us. See the smile on her face. She couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was. We were there within the hour with the cash and a tow truck. Before you call. Make sure you have everything with you like your title or registration and keys if you have them. If your car is 12 years or newer a title is required. If your junk car is 13 years or older a vehicle registration in your name with a valid ID is acceptable but a title is always preferred!! Once everything checks out, we’ll give you cash for your car on the spot and tow it away for free! No hassle. No headaches. No hidden charges. Just more cash for your junk car!

He wanted to get a little cash before his car got towed

Cash for junk 1990 Honda Accord in Atlanta

Cash for junk 1990 Honda Accord in Atlanta

He drove his car into his girlfriends apartment complex and couldn’t drive it out.  The tires went flat and he decided to let it go.  He only paid $750 for the car and just wanted to get from point A to point B until he got a new ride.  But after the tires went flat he didn’t feel like spending any more money on the car.  The car was just sitting there for a while and he knew the apartment complex was gonna have it towed sooner or later so he decided to junk it for some fast cash.

The customer just couldn’t get this car fixed

Junked 2008 Prius
This 2008 Toyota Prius was originally in a small front end collision that damaged the bumper and deployed the drivers airbag. Since it’s such a simple repair he decides to save some money and do it himself. It started off pretty good. He replaced the bumper, that was easy. Next thing is the airbag. He removes the old one and puts in the new one tightens it up, everything’s fine. He’s happy, he saved money, he’s ready to pull it back in the garage and go inside. When he puts the key in to start it up, nothing happens. He tries again, nothing. He tries over and over and still nothing. What the #%€# happened. Why won’t it start? After googling for hours and not getting any reasonable answers he consults a mechanic friend who tells him to take it to the dealer. “This is a hybrid you know, not many mechanics can work on em,” he was told. So he takes his car to the dealer and they refuse to work on it. They flat out refuse to work on it. He tells me that most customers end up not being able to pay for these sorts of repairs. Not only do people not pay for the repair but people don’t pay for the troubleshooting cost either, apparently it takes quite a few hours to troubleshoot electrical problems on a hybrid, so the dealer wouldn’t even do a diagnostic. I’ve never heard that one before but I’m not surprised because repairing your car at the dealer can be more expensive than buying another car. So he realizes the car is junk and does the most sensible thing. He decides to get some cash, and get rid of a car that apparently, know one can fix. When he called me on the phone he said I want to sell my car to a company thats near me. I said perfect because were near everybody in the middle of the city in the midtown area. We can make it to any city around 285 in under 30 minutes.

Car breaks down a month after engine is replaced

Junked 2001 Civic
We bought this junk car in midtown Atlanta. When I heard the 30308 zip code I knew this customer was near me. It broke down behind the new City Market on North Ave. The guy was pretty frustrated because he just had the engine replaced only a month ago and the transmission goes out. He says he doesn’t have money to buy a new car so the cash we gave him is gonna buy him months worth of Marta rides.

Half the engine was in the trunk

2003 Nissan Xterra
Went to south east Atlanta to get this car. When I walked around and looked at it, it looked pretty good. I asked what was wrong with it and they replied the engine was bad. So I popped the hood and opened it and noticed there was something missing. The customer said oh yeah, we took the engine apart while trying to fix it and put the rest of it in the back. So I went around to the back and opened the rear hatch and saw half the engine in the trunk. I looked at the engine pieces then looked at the customer and said, I’ll take it. I paid them the cash and loaded up the junk car and was on to the next one.

Customer says he didn’t want to change the transmission fluid

Removing junk 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee
We bought this Jeep in the West End Atlanta. The customer said the transmission fluid was dirty. He decided to call a junk car removal service because he said it was too difficult to change the transmission fluid. I was a little skeptical about his story. I asked him if he thought the transmission was bad he said no. I asked him if he knew how much it was to replace the transmission and he told me he checked around and a used transmission was expensive. I started to wonder why he was checking transmission prices if he only needed to change the fluid. Anyway, I paid him the cash and loaded it on the tow truck.

Decided to junk it for cash after a month, I need a junk car buyer near me.

2000 Toyota Camry in Atlanta
The car had been sitting in a hotel parking lot for over a month. Fortunately their friend owns the hotel. Any other hotel would have towed it away after a few days. They said it was in good running condition and the only thing wrong was a dead battery. Dead battery huh? Ok, lets check it out. I get to the car “scene of the junk”, the window is already down. Must be a bad window motor. I see the window glass taped to the door to keep it form falling. I realize there may be a few things this customer left out in their description over the phone. I ask the customer for the title. He already has it in his hand. I glance at it. Perfect. After he hands me the keys I crank it up. I immediately here a rattling noise. I’m not a mechanic but I think the lifters are bad or it could need a new engine. I explain the bad news to the customer. They weren’t hard to convince as the rattling is pretty distinct. I priced the car accordingly and they felt I was being fair. So, I gave them the cash and I removed their old vehicle. The customer said ” Im happy I was able to find someone to pay cash for my car near me.”

He was tossed out the window

Wrecked 2005 Range Rover
Bought this car from an impound lot in North East Atlanta. When I pulled up the customer was driving an even newer Range Rover. I was impressed by his resilience to say the least. When I saw the car it was hard to believe the driver was walking around without a scratch. Can’t say the same for the passenger. He was tossed out the rear driver window and wasn’t there. How he got from the front passenger seat to the rear driver window is hard to imagine. Don’t worry, I was told he survived and is recovering from a few injuries. Anyway the customer said I didn’t have time to wait so I searched for someone who pays for junk cars near me and Im very satisfied with the speed in which you got here. Were in the middle of the city of Atlanta so were close to pretty much everything.

Do your eyes decide what car you buy?

Junk 2008 Chevy Malibu in Atlanta GA
Some people fall in love with the way a car looks. Some people fall in love with what a car can do for them. Have you ever purchased a car because it was “cute”?If so maybe that’s why your on this page. Beware of cars that look good but are always in the shop getting repaired. Do your due diligence and find out if the reliability of a car is worth the price first and look at appearance later. I know how cool you would look in a car like this 08 Malibu. But how cool are you gonna look on Marta or in somebody else’s passenger seat while your car is parked in front of your house with flat tires waiting on you to get the money to fix it?

Backyard mechanic ditched him half way through the repair

Junk 2002 Honda Accord in Atlanta, GA
We bought this junk car in the 30317 area of Atlanta. I had a hard time finding a junk car buyer near me the customer said. When I opened the hood on this car, engine parts were all over the place. Somebody had started taking the engine apart and left it undone. The customer was stuck with the unfinished work. He didn’t have the money to pay a real mechanic to fix it so he gave up and decided to get some money for it.

Bought this Junk 2000 Camry in Atlanta, GA

Junk 2000 Camry in Atlanta GA
Just recently paid cash for this car is Atlanta. It’s a nice car but the engine was knocking really loud. It’s gonna need the engine to be replaced before it can be put back on the road again. The tires we’re in good shape and the transmission is shifting properly. The body only had a small dent on the front driver side fender and the mileage was pretty low at 167k miles. This little rehab will make somebody a nice car and since tax season is only a couple weeks away. There will be plenty of people wanting to buy an affordable car that’s good on gas.

Example of a customers description of their junk car

It’s a 2007 Chrysler Pacifica Touring. Silver Crossover SUV, leather interior, Everything still works and is still drive able. It has a transmission issue and i didn’t want to pay to have it rebuilt. Put new Motor Mounts, engine mounts and Radiator in the car in the last year. Had a transmission flush but that did not work. The interior was keep very nice. Just needs transmission work.

My car got side swiped in front of my house

2002 Chevy Monte Carlo
He thought it was safe to park in front of his house. Know one heard or saw anything. He just walked outside one morning to crank up his car and it looked a lot different. He said some choice words that most of us would have and didn’t know what to do. Of course he only had liability insurance on this old car and couldn’t get any money for repairs so he decided to get some cash for his junk car instead of fixing it.

This car has seen its last days

Car about to be crushed in Atlanta
This car is being crushed at the scrap yard near me. The engine went out and we decided to crush it. I guess we could have sold some parts off of it but space is limited in our yard so we decided to get some fast cash for it. This car is gonna be smashed and cut up into little pieces so the metals can be separated melted down and recycled. After the metals are separated and melted down they will be bought by a third party who will make something new with them.

Junk Car Removal in the Atlanta area

We remove junk cars in the Atlanta area. Junk car removal is not something people ever think about until their car breaks down and they don’t want it anymore. In most cases we are not a company that most people like to see coming. But junk car removal is important to the environment and to neighborhoods that don’t want old cars sitting around with flat tires and collecting rust. Yes, junk cars are definitely an eye soar. The only time people want to see a junk car is when their looking for a part to repair their own car. And thats pretty much where all these junk cars end up in junkyards where people can come and remove parts from a car that might have a bad engine, transmission or it may have been in an accident. But sometimes the junk cars are just too old and not very valuable for parts so we gotta send em to the scrap yard and have it crushed and recycled into a new refrigerator or something.

Junk Car removal will keep your neighborhood clean

Junk car removal is an important part of keeping Georgia neighborhoods clean and your neighbors happy.  I had a customer who actually was in a little fight with her neighbors because they didn’t like the old car she had parked in the driveway.  The car had been sitting in the same spot for years and had leaked out all the oil on the driveway that left an ugly oil spot.  Her neighbors repeatedly asked her to get rid of the car but she loved the car and wanted to fix it one day so she refused to junk it.  She admitted that she was being a little selfish by not removing the car but she felt a connection to her junk car.  That connection was quickly severed when the county code enforcement officer issued her a citation for her old car.  She quickly got on the phone and called us to come and remove her old car.

Sell your car for fast Cash

If your not a car salesman or have never sold a car before it can be a little uncomfortable to sell a car, especially a junk car.  First of all you have to be ready to talk intelligently about a car which not a lot of people can do.  You have to be available to schedule a time thats convenient for both you and the random amount of people who may want to purchase your old car.  You have to meet unfamiliar people in whatever location your car is in.  Its not easy to sell a car.  More Cash for Junk Cars Atlanta makes it easy for you to deal with all these issues.  We come to you wherever your car is located with a licensed and insured tow truck ready to remove your junk car for free.  We establish a price over the phone and pay you cash in hand for your old car on the spot.  When we come out, you are guaranteed to sell your car.

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