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Junk Car Removal for Cash

Get cash in hand for your unwanted junk car.  Did your car break down in an in opportune time?  Did you finally get the money to buy the car you really wanted?  Were you involved in a collision?  Or will your car not pass emissions?  For whatever the reason if you need cash for your junk car, give us a call and we'll be there today to put cash in your hand.

Cash Out Your Junk Car Before They Tow It

I recently got a call about a junk car from a guy who's car broke down in his girlfriends apartment complex.  He said he wanted to junk his 2002 Honda Accord because the transmission had went out.  He wasn't really sure if he wanted to sell it or not because Accords are good vehicles and hard to part with.  Anyway he called me in June and didn't decide to junk it until August.  The problem is that his license plate expired in July.  He didn't think it was a problem, their were so many cars in the complex that he thought it would just blend in.  Maintenance people are always on the look out for cars that don't belong, its a part of their job.  So they spotted that car with expired tags.  Expired tags is evidence that the car is not being used.  So the maintenance crew had a sticker put on the car, warning the owner to use the car or remove it from the property.  The young man didn't notice the sticker.   When he needed some fast cash and was ready to sell the vehicle, he went to get his stuff out of the car and noticed it wasn't there.  He panicked and thought it was stolen.  He called the police.  The police got back with him in a couple hours to let him know that it was impounded by the apartment complex.  It had been in the towing lot for 4 days by then and his bill was more than $200 cash to get it out.  

Giving cash for junk cars when scrap metal prices are low

Giving cash for junk cars is getting more complicated with low metal prices.  Prices have fallen a lot in the last few months and its negatively effecting the junk car business.  The reason is that if it costs more to fix a car than what it can be sold or parted out for, it has to be scrapped.  And that's usually the case with about 90% of junk cars.  Most American cars that are older than 10 years need to be scrapped and most foreign cars older than 13 years need to be scrapped.  Metal is hovering at around 5 cents per pound.  The average car weighs around 3,300 pounds.  So that works out to about a $165 average for a junk car.  But customers are used to hearing junk car prices at around $300.  Sorry customers unless you have something a little newer those days are gone, for now.

Do You Have a Bad Engine? Cash for Junk Cars can Help

I lot of people call More Cash for Junk Cars and say theres nothing wrong with my car its just the engine.  They say the windows and AC works.  The sunroof opens and closes.  The speakers and radio are nice and the tires all good.  That stuff is easy to replace in comparison to the engine.  I know you want to look on the bright side when it comes to your car but the truth is that the engine is the most important part of a car.  And usually the single most expensive part.  We would still love to buy it because we buy any complete car in any condition.

Hello Junk Car Customers

You'll feel bad about your car until you hear this story.   I picked up a 1968 Ford Mustang today that a guy gave to his wife as a wedding gift.  They had about $30,000+ invested in that car.  It was in mint condition.  What happened to it was that one night they had a bad storm.  And you know what happens in bad storms right.  Yep, lightning and thunder.  The car was parked in a small wooden shed in the back yard surrounded by trees.  Lightning struck one of the trees and the tree caught fire.  The fire burned the whole shed down with the Mustang inside.  Their insurance company gave them $15,000 half of what they had invested.  Big loss right $15,000 and not to mention the sentimental value.    


We Pay Cash for Junk Cars in Atlanta GA! Call Us Now and Get an All-Cash Offer on the Spot!

We make getting cash for junk cars in Atlanta extremely easy on our customers. There's no need for you to load your junk car up and transport it to our location, instead all you need to do to get cash for junk cars Atlanta is simply pick up the phone and call us!

All you have to do is describe the overall condition of your junk car and we'll make you an offer right there on the phone!

If you want the most cash in Atlanta, pick up the phone now and give us a call!

How to Get Cash for Junk Cars Atlanta

Getting cash for junk cars Atlanta is simple. Call us and we'll make you and offer. We'll then drive our tow truck to you and evaluate the car to ensure it matches the condition as you described it over the phone. In order to get cash for junk cars Atlanta, we'll also need proof of title for cars 2001 model and newer. If your junk car is 2000 or older a vehicle registration in the sellers name is acceptable but a title is always preferred!

Once everything checks out, we'll give you cash for junk cars on the spot and tow it away ourselves! No hassle. No headaches. No hidden charges. Just more cash for your junk car! This is what makes us the No. 1 cash for junk cars buyer in all of metro Atlanta!

Why Get Cash for Junk Cars Atlanta?

We've been paying the most cash for junk cars Atlanta since 2007 and we've heard just about every reason imaginable as to why someone would want to get cash for junk cars. You might consider your car to be:

  • hazardous to children in your home or neighborhood
  • an eyesore in your yard
  • taking up valuable garage space
  • or maybe your junk car has started leaking antifreeze, oil and other fluids that are harmful to the environment

There are also countless situations that have made getting cash for junk cars Atlanta the best possible scenario for getting rid of an unwanted motor vehicle. You might be:

  • faced with a daunting auto repair bill that is going to cost you more than what your car is worth
  • stuck with a junk car that was recently in an accident and was all but totaled and you just simply need to buy another car
  • you may have been burned buying your car from a non-ethical car dealer or private seller and that car turned out to be a lemon

No matter if you're tired of looking at your junk car or if you just want to make a little extra cash when you need it the most, we'll give you the most cash for junk cars in Atlanta, guaranteed!

Pick up the phone now and get your instant quotation for your junk car, or visit our Get a Quote! page.

You won't be disappointed when you do business with More Cash For Junk Cars Atlanta!


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