Cash for Cars

We pay cash for cars and trucks in the Atlanta area.  I bought a car yesterday from a guy in the 30014 zip code area of Atlanta.  He had a 2004 Honda Pilot and it had broken down on the side of his neighborhood street about 2 blocks away from his house.  The guy was standing by the vehicle when I got there looking happily relieved to finally get it removed from the street so he can stop worrying about it.  We greeted each other and and I inspected the vehicle.  Not only was it not running but it had also been in an accident.  I was told that an unmarked commercial truck had backed into it at his job.  He said the incident was on camera but since the truck was unmarked they couldn’t find out who it was.  Oh well no problem for me I can still buy it.  That’s what we do we buy junk vehicles under all sorts of difficult circumstances.  I gave him the cash in hand and loaded the vehicle up and got out of there.