Cash for Junk Cars

We pay cash for junk cars in the Atlanta area.  Getting cash for your car can be a problem for most people.  Most people are not familiar with this aspect of the car industry.  What we do is come out to your vehicles location.  When we get there we don’t really inspect your junk car but we do need to make sure that its a complete vehicle because some people remove engines and transmissions from their old car and try to sell it to us.  We also have to check the ownership documents to make sure you have the right to sell the car for cash.  When we buy your junk car we don’t know exactly what were going to do with it until we inspect it at our shop.  We have to see if its worth fixing and reselling or if it my have some parts that are in high demand or if its just scrap metal.  It’s easier than you think to get rid of your old car.