Junk Car Removal

We remove junk cars in the Atlanta area.  We come to your vehicles location and remove it with a flatbed tow truck and pay you cash in hand.  It really doesn’t matter the situation unless your car is upside down on the side of a river or something we’ll remove it.  Some peoples cars are at their mechanics shop when they realize the engine or something too expensive to repair, needs repair.  Some people’s car gets towed away to a wrecker yard.  Maybe your apartment complex towed it for expired tags or maybe you were involved in a car accident and the police had your junk car removed from the scene of the accident to clear the street.  Or maybe your car broke down at work or at Wal-Mart and you don’t want to pay to have it towed anywhere because your tired of fixing it or you know you can’t afford the repair anyway so it would just be a waist of money.  We’ve seen just about every situation and were ready to remove your unwanted junk car in whatever predicament your in.