Norcross is my new favorite place to pay cash for junk cars

I usually buy cars that have problems like bad engine, bad transmission or body damage. But the last car I bought in Norcross was in perfect running condition. The only thing was that I didn’t know that because it wouldn’t crank up. The owner didn’t really know cause he hadn’t driven the car for over two years. So I went ahead and bought the car thinking that just like every other car a customer tells me is in good condition would turn out to be a lemon. But when I got the car back to the shop I jumped the battery off and it started up kind of ruff but after a couple minutes it was running smooth. So I put the dealer tag on it and drove it around. I’ve been driving it ever since. I love this little 2002 Solara. The only thing I had to do for it was have it detailed cause it had mildew all over the place, other than that it runs excellent. That makes Norcross my favorite place to buy junk cars this month. I hope another city earns your spot next month.

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