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We pay cash for junk cars like this Pontiac Aztec near Stone Mountain

Yellow is not everybody’s favorite color but this customer was close to tearing up when I finally pulled off with her beloved car on my tow truck.  She quickly forgot about her old junk car because she already had a new car in the driveway and some cash in hand to make her feel even better.




Her apartment complex threatened to impound her junk car

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Junk accord in Stone Mountain

Her ’96 Honda Accord was driving fine until it overheated one day on her way home from work. She noticed steam coming from under the hood, pulled over and called her dad. He told her to check the temperature, and, sure enough, her car was overheating. She waited for it to cool down, and he told her she could drive the last 5 minutes and park it. After he checked it for her, he said her head gasket was blown and he would repair it for her. He never showed up to repair it.

Her apartment complex noticed a couple of her tires were flat and leaves were piling up on the car. They told her she would have to get it operable or they would have it impounded. I guess it was sort of an eyesore in the complex parking lot. She decided to sell the car herself and get a little something for it instead of losing it for nothing. We came out the same day and paid her the cash in her hand and towed it away for free.

Junk Cars Stone Mountain is here for you.  Have a car that you think you’d like to get rid of but don’t think you can sell it on Craigslist or trade it in?  We’re metro Atlanta’s No. 1 junk car buyer paying cash on the spot!

Don’t underestimate how incredibly fast and easy it is to get cash for junk cars in Stone Mountain, GA. You can have cash in hand in as little as an hour with our first come, first serve junk car removal experts. Just call us at (404) 468-4589 and we’ll provide you a cash offer right over the phone!

Junk Cars Stone Mountain, GA

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What happens after we buy and remove your vehicle?  Our vehicles will are….

  • Thoroughly inspected and repaired so they’re fully operational and can be resold and put back onto the road
  • Taken to a recycling facility to be crushed and melted into reusable metal.
  • Taken to our junkyard so we can use the parts to repair other vehicles.

You don’t know how simple it is to sell junk cars in Stone Mountain, GA until you give us a call. Our junk car removal experts will give you a market value offer for your junk car when you call us based on the description you give us. If you accept our offer, we’ll drive out to Stone Mountain, check out the car, pay you cash, and haul the car away, relieving you of the burden forever!

You don’t need to wait any longer to get cash for your junk car. Call us now! We don’t care why you want to get rid of that old car, we’ll pay you cash no matter what condition it’s in! You’ll be just as pleased as all the rest of our happy customers.