My experience getting a replacement Title in Atlanta Georgia

I was trying to sell my car but know one would buy it without the title.  I didn’t realize that I couldn’t just use my tag receipt get a piece of paper and write bill of sale at the top and my info and my cars info and sell it.  People need official state documents to transfer ownership into their name.  I looked everywhere and couldn’t find it so I went to my local tag office to get a replacement title.  I walked in to the Dekalb County Tag office and got a number.  It was about a 20 minute wait before I was called to the window.  They told me it would take 10 business days to mail me the title.  That was not what I expected.

I need to sell my car today ma’am.  The nice lady told me the only way I can get my title the same day was if I went to the Motor Vehicle Divisions main office in Atlanta at 4125 Welcome All Rd.

Once I arrived at the Motor Vehicle Divisions main Office it was the same drill.  Grab a ticket and wait.  It wasn’t bad at all in about 10 minutes I was in front of the window.  The lady took my drivers license and entered the number into her computer.  She says Ok, which car do you need?  I said the Toyota Camry.  She replied I see a 1990 Toyota Camry.  Wow I sold that car 5 years ago.  No I need the title for the 2005 Toyota Camry.  She found it the record printed out the title I signed the documents and paid the $18 fee and was on my way to sell my car.

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