Who buys junk cars in Atlanta GA?

We come to your cars location with a tow truck and cash in hand.  “More Cash” recently went to the Mazda Dealership in Roswell to buy a junk car.  We received an email from a young man who was helping his father find someone to buy his 2008 Mazda CX-7.  He wanted us to meet him at the dealership in Roswell on a Saturday Morning because his dad works during the week.  Cool we said we’ll be there.  So we arrived Saturday morning promptly at 10 am.  We went around the back where the car was and met the gentleman.  He had the title and keys in hand.  We looked at the title and confirmed the vin number.  After all the formalities he told us the engine was bad in the car.  I thought ok a engine problem is not that bad, but after he told me the dealer was gonna charge him $11k to fix it I thought maybe I should check the price on this engine.  Come to find out a used engine for that car costs over $3k.  Wow I’ve never spent that much on an engine before.  Long story short.  He gave me a good deal on the car so I could afford to buy the engine and still make a couple of dollars.  The car was in really good condition otherwise so I was happy and he was happy to get rid of that $11k problem.


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