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We buy junk cars in the Atlanta, GA metro area. We come to your location at a time that’s convenient for you and pay you cash in hand on the spot and tow your old car away for free.

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If you are in a situation where you feel like junking your car for quick cash is the best alternative then we can help. We can give you an estimate over the phone of how much we will give you for your car.

Convenient Removal

We can set a time and date at your convenience to execute the cash transaction and removal of your unwanted vehicle. Don’t worry about where to junk your car. We come to your wherever you vehicle is located.

Cash Guaranteed

We pay cash for junk cars in the Atlanta area. We cover all Atlanta area zip codes. We send a licensed and insured tow truck out to your vehicle’s location and pay the agreed upon price. Cold hard cash guaranteed.

Junk Car Removal in the Atlanta, GA Area

She was just tired of wasting money fixing her car over and over again

We bought this car in Atlanta. It was in the back of a mechanic shop. This young lady had already spent $4,000 repairing the first problem. Now the engine is bad, and she’s not going to sink more money into it. It’s a 18 year old car, and it’s just time for a new one. She wanted to find a junk car buyer and get rid of it. We came out, gave her cash in hand and towed her car away for free.

We gave this Atlanta customer cash in hand

This young man said, “I wanted to find a junk car company near me so I could get better service.” He had a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta that would constantly overheat after driving it for a few minutes. He had taken it to a mechanic shop to get it repaired. When he was hit with the $2,000 repair cost, he decided to junk it for cash and get a new car.

Get Cash Today for Your Old Car

This young lady had a 2004 Dodge Stratus. The engine was completely seized up in this car. She was planning on getting it fixed, but she felt like it would be a waste of money. She saved up a few checks and got a new car. After letting her old car sit in front of her family’s house on the side of the street for a few weeks, she finally got tired of looking at it and decided to call us. See the smile on her face. She couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was. Because we buy junk cars all over the Atlanta area, we were there within the hour with the cash and a tow truck.


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We pay cash for cars and trucks
in the Atlanta area.

If you’re not a car salesman or have never sold a car before, it can be a little uncomfortable to sell a car, especially a junk car. When you think of who buys junk cars, you may not know who to talk to. The only people who buy scrap, salvage or junk cars are junk yards, tow truck drivers, mechanics, used car dealers, metal recyclers and hobbyists.

After you find a junk car buyer, you have to have the skill and know-how to sell you junk car or truck. You have to be ready to talk shop talk about a car which not a lot of people can do. You also have to be available to schedule a time that’s convenient for both you and the random amount of people who may want to purchase your old car. Finally, you have to meet unfamiliar people in whatever location your car is in. It’s not easy to sell a car in bad condition.

Sell Your Car With Ease

More Cash for Junk Cars Atlanta makes it easy for you to deal with all your old car issues.

Priced Over the Phone

We establish a price over the phone and pay you cash in hand for your old car on the spot.

We'll Pick Up Your Vehicle

We come to you wherever your car is located with a licensed and insured tow truck ready to remove your junk car for free.

Guaranteed Offers

When we come out, you are guaranteed to sell your car.

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We Buy Junk Cars for Cash in these ZIP CODES

If you’re looking to sell junk cars in Atlanta, we’re your top choice! We travel and buy junk cars in a 30 mile radius around downtown Atlanta. So if you want to sell junk cars Atlanta and you’re in town or located outside the I-285 perimeter, we will buy your junk car for the most cash! No matter if you’re located in Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Peachtree City, Jackson, Elburn or any other community within the 30 mile radius, you can sell junk cars to us for cold, hard cash! Here are the zip codes we service:

We Service All Atlanta
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