Cash for Junk Cars in Covington, GA

Junk Cars Covington GA

Do you have a used car that’s either completely run-down or an absolute eyesore on your property? Looking for a place that buys junk cars for cash in Covington, GA? Call 404-468-4589 today.

MORE CASH FOR JUNK CARS ATLANTA specializes in paying cash for junk cars in Covington. We’ve been in the junk car industry since 2007, buying from people who want to get rid of their old or used cars, trucks, RVs, and commercial vans.

Our system is super easy, fast, and convenient. There are no gimmicks or tricks. In about one hour, you can be walking away with cash in hand for your junk car.

Get a quote right now, or learn more about the junk car buying and selling process below.

Sell Your Junk Cars in Covington, GA

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Unlike most junkyards that let old cars go to waste, at MORE CASH FOR JUNK CARS ATLANTA we make strides to ensure each car is re-purposed to its fullest potential.

When customers like yourself sell junk cars to us, one do one of three things with it:

  • Repair and Re-sell: When junk cars are able to be repaired, they may be fixed-up and re-sold to interested buyers.
  • Parts:  Some of the junk cars we buy are broken-down and sold by the part.
  • Recycle Metal: When junk cars cannot be repaired or parted out, they are taken to a scrap recycler and crushed for the different metals.

We Buy Junk Cars in Covington, GA

We make the process very easy for our customers. All we require to buy your old car is a valid proof of ownership. We do require a title for any junk car that we buy.

When it comes to offering cash for junk cars in Covington, GA, MORE CASH FOR JUNK CARS ATLANTA are one of the leading buyers of junk cars, trucks, RV’s, SUV, commercial vehicles and other related automobiles. We make our process quick and easy, and we will pay you cash right on the spot.

Cash for Junk Cars in Covington, GA

To get instant cash for your junk car, take a minute to fill out the contact form to your right, or call us now at (404) 468-4589. We provide you with an instant quote soon after contacting us.