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Cash for Junk Cars in Lilburn, GA

MORE CASH FOR JUNK CARS ATLANTA in Lilburn wants to know if you have an old car that’s become a burden to you? Is it costing you hundreds of dollars to keep it road worthy?

Like many of our happy customers, maybe it’s time you consider getting cash for you unwanted car.

If you’re through with throwing away your hard earned cash into a vehicle that has outlived it’s usefulness, come see us today. We offer cash for cars in Lilburn, GA and surrounding areas. We have been serving the metro area since 2007; helping people just like you, get cash for junk vehicles.

Sell us your truck, SUV, RV, ATV, or commercial vehicle now. We’re open 7 days a week!

Sell Your Junk Cars in Lilburn, GA

Why do we buy junk cars? What’s really in it for us?

When you sell your junk car, truck, RV or motor vehicle to us, we haul it away to one of three places: a scrap metal recycling facility, our junkyard or to our repair shop.

Beyond its life on the road, your old junker could be recycled into other products, scavenged for parts at our junkyard or repaired and resold for a second chance on the road.

We Buy Junk Cars for Cash in Lilburn, GA

You will be shocked by just how easy it is to sell your junk car. We make it simple so you can be worry free. All you need is proof of ownership, and we will get you on your way in an hour or less with cash in hand. (First come, first served.) A title is required.

If that voice in your head is telling you your motor vehicle is too beat up and broken down to possibly be worth anything, think again. You will be amazed to learn that it is still worth something.

It’s simple–just fill out this contact form or give us a call at (404) 468-4589. Tell us the details of your car’s condition, and we’ll provide you an instant offer to sell your old car to us.


MORE CASH FOR JUNK CARS ATLANTA have been building our reputation since 2007 to become the No.1 junk car buyer in Lilburn, GA and we are committed to getting you the cash you need.

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Act Now: Turn Your Junk Car into Cash Today!

Don’t let that old vehicle gather dust in your driveway. Reach out to ‘More Cash for Junk Cars Atlanta’ and get the most money for your car, with no hidden fees and same-day service. It’s time to make space and earn cash in one smart move.

Your benefits:
What happens next?

Reach out for an instant, no-obligation quote either online or over the phone.


Once you accept the offer, arrange a convenient time for our team to come and collect your vehicle.


Receive cash on the spot when we arrive to pick up your car, and wave goodbye as we tow it away for free.

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