We require a title to buy your car for cash. Here’s how to get one.

Trying to sell a junk your car and need a new title?

Visit the Motor Vehicle Main Office

or State Tax Commissioner located at

4125 Welcome All Rd Sw

Atlanta, Ga 30349

This is the only place in Georgia that you can walk up to a counter and immediately receive a new title in hand.

It costs $18 and usually takes about 30 mins or less.

Car title needed to sell your car for cash

 A title is required if your car is 12 years or newer.

If your junk car is 12 years old or newer we are required by law to collect a title when we buy it.  The reason for this is because newer cars are more likely to have a lien on them.  A lien is when someone still owes money on a vehicle and has to finish paying the vehicle off before the lien holder will release the title.

Title pawn takes your title for a reason

The whole point of a title pawn company taking your title is so you can’t sell it.

If you have a lien because of a title pawn than you would have to pay that lien off and get the title back before we can buy the car.

Basically we don’t like to buy cars without the title.

Too many bad things can happen when you go around buying cars without the title.  I’ve had a few close calls myself and don’t want to make those mistakes again.

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