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Cash for Junk Cars in Midtown Atlanta, GA

Junk car removal is not something people ever think about until their car breaks down and they don’t want it anymore. In most cases we are not a company that most people like to see coming. But junk car removal is important to the environment and to neighborhoods that don’t want old cars sitting around with flat tires and collecting rust.

Another bonus to selling us your car is we’re Atlanta’s environmentally friendly junk car removal experts. When you sell junk cars to us, we’ll reuse, resell or recycle your junk car in accordance to Georgia’s state laws for junk car disposal.

Sell Your Junk Cars in Midtown Atlanta

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Why do we buy junk cars in Atlanta, GA? We’re a professional junk car removal company that specializes in buying scrap cars and recycling them. Whether we crush the car for the metal, resell it part by part, or our favorite, repair it and put it back on the road–we’ll dispose of your car the proper way.

We’ll buy your junk car if

  • you have recently been in an accident where your car was totaled
  • your car is in serious disrepair or the repairs are too costly for you
  • the car is too old to take a risk on
  • you might just be looking to upgrade to a better car and your current car just isn’t worth much on trade in

No matter what your reason for wanting to sell your car, we’ll pay you cash for your car today!

When we pay cash for junk cars, we want to make sure our customers are completely happy with the amount of cash they receive when they do business with us.

Money might be tight or you may have large bills you need to pay. We understand. We’ll work with you to make sure we give you top market dollar for your junk car, and we’ll both walk away happy!

Just pick up the phone and give us a call today, or fill out our get a quote now form.

How Do I Sell My Junk Car?

We make Atlanta junk car removal as simple as possible for our customers. Simply call (404) 468-4589 and we’ll make you and offer right then and there! Alternatively you can get a quote for your junk car online. Whether you want to sell your scrap car, used car or salvage car, we’re the buyer to call.

When you call us just let us know your vehicle’s year, make and model a brief or detailed description of your car’s condition. You can tell us about any service records or any diagnoses done by a professional or not so professional mechanic. All this information will help us give you an accurate cash price for your junk vehicle. We cover the entire Atlanta metro area. We travel all along 285 and beyond. If your vehicle is at your house, your office parking lot, your mechanic’s shop, the tow yard, the corner gas station, Walmart’s parking lot or the side of the road, we come to you and towing is always free.

Sell Your Car for Fast Cash in Midtown Atlanta

If you’re not a car salesman or have never sold a car before, it can be a little uncomfortable to sell a car, especially a junk car. When you think of who buys junk cars, you may not know who to talk to. The only people who buy scrap, salvage or junk cars are junk yards, tow truck drivers, mechanics, used car dealers, metal recyclers and hobbyists.

After you find a junk car buyer, you have to have the skill and know-how to sell you junk car or truck. You have to be ready to talk shop talk about a car which not a lot of people can do. You also have to be available to schedule a time that’s convenient for both you and the random amount of people who may want to purchase your old car. Finally, you have to meet unfamiliar people in whatever location your car is in. It’s not easy to sell a car in bad condition.

MORE CASH FOR JUNK CARS ATLANTA makes it easy for you to deal with all these issues. We come to you wherever your car is located with a licensed and insured tow truck ready to remove your junk car for free. We establish a price over the phone and pay you cash in hand for your old car on the spot. When we come out, you are guaranteed to sell your car.

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Don’t let that old vehicle gather dust in your driveway. Reach out to ‘More Cash for Junk Cars Atlanta’ and get the most money for your car, with no hidden fees and same-day service. It’s time to make space and earn cash in one smart move.

Your benefits:
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Reach out for an instant, no-obligation quote either online or over the phone.


Once you accept the offer, arrange a convenient time for our team to come and collect your vehicle.


Receive cash on the spot when we arrive to pick up your car, and wave goodbye as we tow it away for free.

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