What Happens to Junk Cars After You Sell Them?

For nostalgic Americans, their automobiles are on the same echelon as baseball and apple pie. We love our cars for the great memories they gave us from family vacations to our first school dance.

Some car owners “live out of their cars” with heavy travel just to make a living. We build relationships our cars. In many ways they become a part of us.

So when it comes time to trade in your car or sell it as junk for cash, it’s not surprising to wonder what happens to your car after it’s sold for cash as a junk car. There are several potential destinations your junk car after you sell it, among those destinations could be:

A Junk Yard

Junk cars that people sell to auto salvage companies have a good chance of landing in junk yards because the cars can be worth far more when sold as individual parts. Junk yards are a great source for car owners and people who like to wrench or rebuild cars to come and get a one-off part their cars. Junk yards are typically far less expensive to purchase parts from than buying them from a dealership.

So if your car lands in a junk yard, it’s likely that its parts will be harvested and used to bring other cars of the same make and model back to life. So once you’re done with that old junker, the alternator, starter, dash, door or mirror could be a great asset to other cars that are still on the road.

Right Back on the Road

Some people who buy junk cars are mechanics themselves who can take a junk car and repair what needs to be repaired at minimal cost to them. Once the car is repaired, they can then either drive it themselves or resell the car for a profit in the local classifieds or on Craigslist.org. If you can’t afford (or don’t have the desire) to fix up your old car that doesn’t mean it won’t receive new life from someone who can!

A Recycling Facility

If you don’t want your old car to sit in a junk yard where it could potentially pose a threat to the environment if not properly taken care of, there’s always the possibility that your junk car could be fully recycled and reused. Our cash for junk cars company is committed to disposing of your junk car in the most environmentally friendly way.

Nearly every piece of your junk car will be recycled from the metal to the tires, operational fluids, floor mats and upholstery, and even the battery! Auto recyclers have found several ways to re-utilize nearly every part of a car when it is junked. Car tires are reused in automobiles as gas pedals, or to provide cushion on synthetic football field turf. Metals from the car are used in both the automobile and construction industry once they are recycled.

If you’re thinking about selling your junk car for cash and are curious as to what happens to it once it gets towed away, just remember that it’s highly likely that your junk car will be re-used in a highly productive way from providing recycled materials to giving life to an older automobile.

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